About us

Global Supply Bridges Company for Recruitment

The purpose of the company is a mediation organizing in manpower recruitment for others and providing labor services for homes and public and private sector and to develop the use of non-Saudi human resources in time to contribute to strengthening the economic and social roles of private sector's for construction of institutional market preserves the rights of parties involved and to improve the public image of Saudi Arabia at international organizations.

Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Tawfiq AlFawzan issued his resolution No. (547/ s) dated 09/08/1436H to approve the license to establish Supply Bridges Recruitment Company (a closed shareholding company - under construction) with a capital of 100 million Saudi riyals divided into (10) million shares with a nominal value of shares (10) ten Saudi riyals fully subscribed by shareholder; the company is headquartered in Riyadh. The company is engaged in (practicing the mediation activity to recruit labor provide household labor services for public sector and private sector); the company's duration is (99) ninety nine years commencing from the date of ministerial resolution to declare its establishment, and may be renewed under decision of General Assembly, notably, its shares shall not be traded without obtaining the approval of Capital Market Authority; the company shall be managed by a board composed of three members appointed by the Ordinary General Assembly for a period of three years and an exception to that the founder appointed the first board of directors for a period of five years starting from the date of issuance of Ministerial resolution of declaration of the company establishment; the ministry approval for establishment of this company comes in the framework of the state policy to boost economic activity in various sectors and raise the competitiveness of national economy in face of regional and international challenges and competitions. .

Our goals

  • We aim to attract and care of human resources by taking advantage of 120,000 visa within 10 years granted to us by the Ministry of Labor to employ different professions workers from different countries, the ministry has ordered the recruitment firms to mediate in the recruitment of labor for others and provision household labor within Saudi Arabia, both by providing household labor services, or by mediating the recruitment of household workers, with a rate of not less than 10% for the household female labor per year, and the ratio of not less than 10% for the household male labor per year of the total allocated to the company to provide labor services, to make it easier for recruiters to get 80% of visas to recruit workers, professionals and staff.
  • We aim to provide the labor market with labor from different professions (housemaids, architecture, medicine, nursing, professional employment and non-professional employment) to meet the demand in the market through emphasis on training and development of our team to provide the best service to our customers and look forward to building a unique partnership with its customers .